I forgot to write a post yesterday. Whoops.

The guy who I was talking about that I was going to start a communist club with turned out to be an anti-communist after all. I had originally thought he was because I heard someone say that he was, so I reached out and offered my help. Turns out he just makes a lot of communist jokes, however, in the spirit of showing people how communism is wrong. He told me this, and I pretty much wished him well and went along.

The thing is that organizing is really hard. I was really hoping to be able to have someone I could do it with, because having someone to bounce ideas off and work with, share the workload, and add a perspective would have been really nice to have. But, according to one of my favorite articles in recent times, success lies not in intelligence but in grit, the ability to persue long-term goals in the absence of positive feedback.

That being said, I wonder if a communist club is what this school really needs. Of course a stateless classless moneyless society is ideal, but I'm also a materialist and I don't want to persue fruitless goals (which is why Marxism disagrees with Anarchism, which Marxism sees as a utopian way to achieve communism). Thus I think the best thing I can do as a revolutionary is to participate in existing clubs that align with my goals, like the social justice club, the environmental club, and the GSA (gay straight alliance).

Maybe I can put up a qr code or two linking to a socialist faq, but otherwise I think the best I can do is remain reputable, I don't want to be dismissed as a commie.

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