I'm writing this on my phone at 23:28 (yes, I use 24 hour time) because o want to write a blog but I don't want to get my computer out.

I've been trying to start an awful lot of habits lately. Sure, I'm currently at 65 days with Duolingo, that's nice to show off with but I feel like I'm just trying to do a lesson every day to maintain the streak at this point, I don't care as much about actually learning Spanish. The practice is probably good though. Also this blog is going to try to follow 100daystooffload.com. It kinda already was, because that was my original intention, but now it's formal. I need to shower more too, I'd been showering less to waste less water but parents have been getting mad at me so I'm going to shower at least once every 24 hours, maybe I'll have a cold shower or just a short shower if I want to reduce my impact.

I also sunk a lot of time today watching Markiplier playing Minecraft, which wasn't ideal. It's entertaining as fuck but not really productive at all. I'm still working on how to not get sucked into YouTube, unhook.app has been working really well but I don't think it does quite enough.

I also saw my new house for the first time! We're moving, and since the house market is so crazy my parents basically bought a house that had good photos so that no one could steal it from under us (despite being maybe not the perfect home for us). It seems like it will be really good though. We just need to figure out where the music room will go ;P

I saw something on the verge (link to it) that a Google search for “climate change” gives oil companies' ads, so I tried it myself and it is in fact true. So, no more google, not even on my launcher (I've switched to nova). I'm still “boycotting” (or just mad at) Firefox for implementing donations with cryptocurrency, so at the moment I'm either going to be using chrome with sync disabled or safari (those are my options, as well as Firefox, because I'm using a school laptop predominantly so I can't install any other software)

That's it. If it matters I wrote this post yesterday (well, will be yesterday) so I'll post this one and list it for yesterday then write another one... today.

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