Hello again! I've been writing, I swear!

The difficult part of my process at the moment is that I'm writing these posts on a text note (in markdown formatting despite not being able to see the rendered markdown), converting it to markdown, and pasting that into neocities. It's still very manual, and I don't have a good way to make it less manual yet. I'll see if I can reduce the friction of the whole process later.

Firefox got rid of its cryptocurrency donations button, so therefore I'm now writing this in Firefox. The performance in chrome is terrible! You don't really realize it, because all the benchmarks suggest otherwise, but even though chrome is faster at those benchmarks its actually really slow for normal web browsing. I appreciate the less complexity from not scrolling the tabs, but it makes it feel really overwhelming at times, having 77 tabs open. I'm glad to be back to Firefox and I'm glad that my little boycott worked.

Several good things are happening to me IRL: I went to a swim meet on saturday and qualified for my state championships with a time of 25-something seconds in the 50 yard freestyle, so that's cool. Then I went to my robotics teams' season kickoff to learn about the new game that's happening, and it looks really fun! I spent the rest of the weekend talking with my team about the different strategies and things we could do in this event, so now we have a relatively solid plan on what we're going to do, what kind of robot we're going to be, and what strategies we're going to prioritize.

I got a french press from my mom's company because a colleague gave it to her and she didn't want it. The coffee is really good but it's a lot of work, so it'll probably remain something I do when I have the time to do it.