Hello! I’m on WordPress now.

My blog was originally on Neocities, and I really want to have it on Neocities, but there’s simply too much friction between writing and posting. I don’t have the internal capacity to lead the life that I do and maintain a blog in pure HTML. In WordPress, I can hit the “write a post” button and it will bring me to an editor where I can simply spill out my thoughts, to publish it with a single click. No fumbling with markdown, HTML, or creating links back and making the blog well-organized manually.

So, here I am.

Midterms at my school are today, starting in about 70 minutes. I’m not certain why I decided it would be in my best interest to write a post instead of studying, but here we are anyways. I only got 5 hours and 11 minutes of sleep last night (according to my watch), so I am taking more caffeine than usual to hopefully make up for it. It’s not even that I stayed up doing something per se, I just spent too much time trying to fall asleep. Let’s go insomnia :’)

In other news, I’ve been thinking about setting up a fediverse server for my school. They’ve been having quite a bit of issues with social media lately (students posting things they shouldn’t, gossip, normal high school bullshit) which an “official” school Mastodon (or Pleroma) server could fix. Ideally it should be owned, operated, and moderated/maintained by students, maybe in a club. I haven’t decided yet if it should federate with other servers, because on one hand that could be a privacy risk for students and it would prevent them from using it to its full potential, but also it would be good to have content already there to attract them. (That’s something to decide later.)

I’ll start to migrate all my Neocities things over here in time, but for now, welcome! Hopefully this will wind up being a good decision (I mean, this was practically the first post which I actually proofread).

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