Happy birthday!

Happy 6th birthday, write.as! It's good to have this place to record my thoughts and have a place to talk normally.

Writing is slowly becoming less of a project that I'm working on and becoming more a habit of sorts. I was at lunch today and I decided I wanted to write. I don't remember if I wanted to write about anything in particular or if it was just the urge to put thoughts to keyboard, but I did.

Thing is, maybe I've done a little too much writing. My backspace key on my school computer snapped in half. I'm waiting for my backup of my computer to upload to my google drive because I don't know if the school's IT department is gonna replace the computer or give me a temporary one or whatnot, but it's good to have that backup (and the school pays for “unlimited” drive space anyway, or at least I can't see the upper limit if there is one).

Maybe I should just stop making so many mistakes as I'm typing.

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