Hello! New blog. I won't have a “date” on this one because every post below this one (or earlier, chronologically) was written on Neocities or Wordpress. They still express my opinions, but now these are written and published on write.as.

For the same reason I am switching from Neocities to WordPress, I'm now switching from WordPress to Write.as. It doesn't offer nearly enough customization as either of the former, but as far as actually maintaining a blog this seems like it has the least friction. I also don't really have to worry about manual (Neocities) or premium (WordPress) ActivityPub integration, which is important enough to me to be a deal-breaker if it doesn't have it. Now that I have my own domain (without a server behind it yet, I need to learn how to do that) I'll eventually be able to have my own “fediverse box” on a Raspberry Pi or something like that which I can use to host all my stuff with.

This week is midterm week at my school. My Spanish teacher has been out with covid, so despite preparing my presentation which I had to memorize, she postponed it. That's fine I think, and I wish her a speedy recovery, I just wish she had maybe emailed us instead of posting it on her website because I don't have a good way to monitor that besides just checking it.

In a way, my writing a blog is a way for me to see how well I can follow goals long term. It's not something I explicitly decided, “hey I'm going to try to write a blog long-term”, it's just something I've had in the back of my mind forever and it's good to finally let that out. I stumbled into it, but I'm happy that I did. Writing is a good habit, it will allow me to lay out my thoughts better than just microblogging via my other account, @robots@koyu.space.

I'm rapidly turning into a fediverse nerd. I feel it in my bones, in my soul. I'm thinking about the rejection of the Leninist concept of the centralization of communication. One would think that given decentralized communication, reactionary thought would prevail and fester, but to be honest, as we've seen in mastodon, it's easier to moderate racism and bigotry, and even free speech instances are isolated from the rest of the fediverse. Centralized communications have been shown to promote right-wing content algorithmically more than leftist content, and somehow mastodon's been doing the opposite.

Why would this happen? According to Mastodon.help's section on “Echo chambers and interactions”, it appears that if instances are open-minded and allow communications from other instances, then they'll recieve and send communications with other like-minded instances, and the more closed-minded instances will likewise shut themselves off.

Welp, I hope that this is federating, because if not I'm going back to WordPress.

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