It's been a weekend alright

Hey there!

Another couple days. Lots going on, lots of things happening.

I'll start with Friday: It's midterm exams week at our school, and for my fourth periods, A and B (which aligned with Friday) I had band and a study. I went to school in full concert attire, which means the tuxedo that they assigned to me, passed down from student to student. Each “group” took their own photos, including the honors band, full concert band, and each instrument group (which each took a serious and staged, funny photo). It was fun getting to arrive in school in a tuxedo, something one doesn't get to do very often.

I left the school because the next period I would have had would have been a study, which I'm not required to stay at the school for. I took a ride with a friend (I can't drive yet, I've been out of the country) and went to coffee with her. I got back, a bit of a depressive episode happened. I started reading Land of Lisp by Conrad Barski, in an attempt to learn said language. I'll get there. I had one of those depressive episodes where you don't particularly feel like doing anything in particular, but the swim meet got my hyped up so that was a good change of events.

Saturday was more band stuff. We had an exchange concert, which means that all of the 8th graders (“oncoming freshmen”) from the middle school came for a day to see what the high school band (and our high school more generally) was like. Our group that we were assigned to were extremely immature (I think one set off the fire alarm, not sure), as to be expected. They'll grow up, but let middle school kids be middle school kids. Let them do stupid shit. We spent that day integrating and meeting with the 8th graders, learning some songs together, and by 1600 we performed the songs we learned in front of parents of both high school and middle school students. The practice was a bit boring, a bit tiring, and a bit stressful, but the performance was fun, and the 8th graders weren't all bad.

I went to a party with some people on my swim team. They're a good group, I had lots of fun at that.

Went to bed at a reasonable time. Woke up and went to a swim meet at 0700. I swam the 200 yard Individual Medley, did not qualify for the state championchips on that one, then did a 500 yard freestyle, which I did qualify by 6 seconds, a 200 relay which we lost (we can't qualify but if contributes to whether or not our school wins the overall meet) and a 400 relay which only our school competed in so we can't really “win” it. It was practically a 400 yard relay cooldown. Our team attempted getting it on exactly 4 minutes, because our previous time was 3:47, but we did 4:03 this time.

Then I came back, had breakfast, and wrote a blog! Busy couple days.

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