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Alright, I wasn't going to write a blog today, because I have spanish homework and several college apps, but I set a timer for 10 minutes. What's 10 minutes going to do for a writing habit?

School's back on. Getting up at 6, after waking up at 9~10 for the past 10 days, was hell. I'm glad to be back socializing and stuff, and I have a lot of projects I'm still excited about, but I'm going to get tired again quickly.

I am trying to start a communist club at the school with another person. So far the biggest holdup is that by the school's rules, we need an advisor, which means that A. we have to ask for one, asking each teacher either if they would like to help us or know someone who would B. we have to ask for one, potentially risking the relationship with the teacher. It might not seem that important, but I feel that it's more important than most people think since having the teacher on your side might offer you more academic freebies.

24 hour time is cool. Many American conventions just seem unreasonable to me, although I understand the reluctance of switching in some ways. It takes getting used to, and 2 years after switching to Celcius I'm just now getting to the point where it makes more sense than Fahrenheit.

This morning was the first morning in a while where caffine was an absolute must. I had to put ice cubes in it to be able to drink it faster because I knew if I didn't finish both my cerial and my coffee then I'd either be really hungry or really tired by the end of the day, respectively.

Also, I'm one of those nerds that has a bunch of stickers on the back of their computers. I got like a 300 pack on amazon and took the dozen or so that I liked the most. I also have a clear plastic case just in case the school board gives me shit for sticking them directly on the laptop and “damaging school property” or some shit like that.

3 minutes left. I don't really know what else to write about. The intercom system at our school is broken as usual, instead of a bell they've taken just to anouncing “now we will be going to our 2B classes”. Fun public school stuff.

Eh. Public school isn't that bad. Our school is actually particularly nice as far as I know, and I'm getting the same kind of education as everyone else and it's working perfectly fine for now. 1:14 left.

I was working on the dnd dice roller earlier today. It's written in rust, and supposedly you can just type “diceroller 2d20+5” and it will show you the individual rolls and add them up, using just the normal DND dice syntax (x d y + z)

That's all. See you all later. Robot Landscape

Wow, it's 2022 now. still.

I don't have a ton of time today so I won't be doing a long blog. It also didn't occur to me that keeping up a blog would be difficult with trying to maintain school too, and the winter vacation is over tomorrow. I'll still maintain it to the best of my abilities, but if I can't then that's fine too, I'll just add to it whenever I can.

I'm in the middle of college applications. I have one due today, two due tomorrow, and another two the day after that. And I did two yesterday. They suck, but I'm going to be glad when they're done.

I've been trying to stay hydrated better as well. I'm really not that picky on the quality or temperature of the water, but I've found I'm really picky with where I'm drinking it from. Well, in a way. I don't need a fancy water bottle or anything, but I need to be using the same water bottle over and over, I don't like changing it often. In fact, since I don't care about the temperature, I tend to just find a two quart juice bottle at the supermarket, drink all the juice, then I'm left with a perfect water bottle because the plastic is just thick enough to be durable and I don't waste the plastic on a single use. I did it first with the naked green machine juice at first and I liked that water bottle, but it made my water look green (despite being rinsed thoroughly) and friends would often tease that I drank vegetable oil. I recently lost that water bottle so I switched to an apple juice bottle of the same size (different shape) and it left the bottle more transparent. #hydrohomies

Also I'm really happy with my password setup at the moment. I am actually writing this on my mom's computer, and I'm pretty happy/certain that when I leave she'll have no way to access my passwords (she wants access to my email, and I let her because she catches stuff that I sometimes don't. Don't worry, not the ones in my contact info, so say what you like there.) I'm using Bitwarden with 2FA done by Aegis on my phone, so even if it saves my Bitwarden password, she won't have access to to every other password I have.

I also figured out how to “hack” standardnotes (meaning, getting extensions without premium) from this github repository. It's more difficult now that standardnotes has changed, but it's still doable. From the json file which they host the extentions, for each extension you want, you can still copy the link from latest_url and plug that into the custom extensions area in standardnotes. I've got the Advanced Markdown editor, the Midnight theme, the simple tasks thingy, the vim editor, and the folders component. I don't want to bloat it and I still want my notes accessible as plaintext, but this works for that.

Anyways, that's it. Back to college apps.

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Hello! Happy New Years!

I almost forgot to write a blog today. If I'm going to be doing this in a more structured sense, then I aught to set a daily reminder to do it. I suppose I'll do that one that I said I would do, about defining Marxism.

Others likely have the capacity to explain this better ( but this is my definition, and although I'll probably oversimplify things, this blog should be more accessible.

The first part of Marxism is its philosophical postulates, the first of which being materialism, or the philosophy of looking at the world (and history) as they actually are, their material conditions, rather than how it should be. It's the belief that the material conditions of society are what drive ideas behind a society, rather than the opposite (which is known as idealism). It's an interesting question, which one being true or not, about whideas driving conditions or conditions driving ideas, but Marxists have taken the latter to be true for a couple reasons: – We can see throughout history that the materialist view of history is typically more coherent. – Take the American Revolution: the idealist view of how that revolution went would go something like “The founding fathers, aimed with their new ideas of freedom and liberty, decided to overthrow the tyrannical king to achieve a new society based on the persuit of life, liberty and the persuit of happiness” where the materialist view of this revolution would go “A young and vulnurable merchant class escaped the persecution and economic friction of the king by travelling to a different country, and when the king tried to impose himself economically there, the people revolted so that they could create their own economic structures, free from economic oppression from the king.”

Another philosophical postulate is dialectics. Dialectics is the counterpart to the socratic method you might have heard about in school: it's a philosophical truth-finding strategy based on having two philosophers essentially argue with each other, each taking the others' arguments and using them to strengthen one's own base, until the two finally agree on a singlular, more coherent philosophy. Marxism uses this in two ways: firstly, it “flips dialectics on its head” and integrates it with materialism, looking at how different material conditions contradict each other and fight. It also uses it as a means of self-modification, a way of the philosophy modifying itself, evolving like DNA, to change as material conditions change.

That brings us right into the next major aspect of Marxism, which is Class Conflict. This is an outlook on society that allows us to analyze the relationships between major different bodies of people, henceforth known as classes. The two traditional classes are the bourgeosie (those who own the means of production under capitalism) and the proletariat (those who, having no other choice, are forced to sell their labor under threat of starvation), but they don't have to be, if society is arranged differently then there might be class conflict in different ways. There may also be sub-classes, too: within the proletariat there may be urban and rural proletariat with slightly different interests. This is one of Mao's contributions to Marxism.

The important part is simply acknowledging that independent classes have interests in common, and that by realizing this (the act of which is known as “gaining class conciousness”) certain classes can overcome their individual differences and come together to achieve more.

I will note that this is also one of the biggest misconceptions of Marxism. Marxism does not seek to make “everyone equal” because that's not practical according to the material conditions of almost every capitalist society. It just seeks to reconcile class conflict via a revolution of the proletariat against the bourgeosie, creating a democracy in the economy as well as in liberty.

The last aspect of Marxism (that I'll go into at least) is an analysis of Capitalism.

Something which capitalists don't often do is a thorough analysis of communism, without shrugging it off as a dictatorship or tyranny. That's not a good analysis of the material conditions of communism and those people have no right to speak about communism.

On the other hand, Marxists have done an analysis of capitalism ad tedium, armed with the above postulates of Material Dialectics and Class Conflict. Such an analysis finds capitalism to be unsustainable, oppressive for the working class, inherently racist (via colonialism), un-democratic, and leads to the erosion of human rights.

With that, Marxists seek to unite the proletariat into a coherent class for the purpose of organizing a revolution against the bourgeosie, to create a “dictatorship of the proletariat” where they then work (sometimes for decades to come) to establish a “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need” economic system. After that, marxists tend not think about society after the revolution too hard, perhaps to our downfall. The reason for this is because the material conditions under which a revolution happens are different in every country, and so are the immediate post-revolution goals.

It's interesting to note though that class conflict doesn't go away after a revolution. There will be people who do well under post-capitalist communism, like (for example) bureaucrats under USSR rule, and those people may form a class of itself because they have their own material interests, one of which being the preservation of their power. That doesn't mean that a dictatorship of the proletariat doesn't work, we simply need to take lessons from other revolutions (like the USSR) and learn from them.

Wow that was a long blog post. If you have any questions or criticism I'd be happy to answer that (go to my contact page). Not every post is going to be this long, but it was important to me that I got that out I suppose.

A good place to find more info on this would be, the Marxist internet archive; or the Red Menace podcast, which initially introduced me to Marxism from Anarchism. Specifically this episode, embedded below:

Hello again! Day two. I'll see if I can somehow manage to keep this up for 100 days.

Besides college applications, I've been spending my days recently trying to assemble all my notes into a single place, that single place being Standard Notes. I've picked standardnotes for a couple reasons:

  • It's encrypted and I can use it everywhere I'd need to, including in a browser for places I can't
  • The plaintext format it uses means I won't have to worry about longevity as much
    • (It doesn't have markdown, which is a bummer. I'll live, and I use markdown formatting anyways, but yea it would have been nice to have it formatted in the app)
  • I don't have my own server and the default one doesn't seem to have any device or bandwidth/storage limits
  • Importing and exporting from Standard Notes seems to work exceptionally well

So that means I have to get all my notes from all these different places and import them into Standard Notes. It's a chore alright, but I reckon it's worth it, assuming Standard Notes checks all my boxes into the future.

I've been using a combination of a variety of different notes apps, including Evernote, OneNote, Apple Notes, Simple Note, Google Keep, Emacs Org-Mode, and a couple different ones. I don't have anything really against these services (except Evernote because their device syncing limits on their free tier) but it's annoying that I'd have to install these apps and run them just to be able to access these notes, especially since many of these don't have linux versions.

I don't have enough to say about notes apps to write a whole blog post on them. So I'm going to talk about potential future blog posts or other random shit. I'd love to do a blog post on Marxism. The meaning of “Marxism” has been deeply distorted in Capitalist Media. Below is a collection of various things I've heard about Marxism that my ears have picked up on, all of which are incorrect:

  • “Electric cars and Food Rations” – My Landlord
  • “Everyone being equal” – one of my friends
  • “Government controls everything you do, including what career you go into” – my mother

I can probably think of more and I'll update this as I hear more, but that gets my point across. I won't do a blog on it now but maybe in the future.


This is my first post. I don't know if I'm going to keep using wordpress or if I'm eventually going to switch to something like neocities, but for now this works well, and since I'm just going to be writing in plaintext it should be easy enough to transfer once I get it working.

I really dislike college applications. The whole concept of it. I'm done with it. A bunch of organizations, bullshitting you to tell you that they consider you among thousands of other applicants equally, yet the whole process of picking and choosing people to go to university is inherently unequal. Not to mention all the hoops that I have had to go through. Maybe this is simply part of becoming an adult, where I have to go through more and more steps to do more mundane things, eventually to the point of just becoming a corporate tool, a rat in a cubicle.

I'd love it if I could make a career out of being a professional revolutionary. Of course being an environmental engineer or something along those lines would be cool, like I've been saying on my college applications, but that came out of a desire to create a material change in the world. That is where being an activist or revolutionary is so appealing to me, it's creating a material change but in a way that starts to topple these unethical structures.

I am thinking more and more about my gender identity. On my visit up to relatives this Christmas my grandmother was saying how one of my cousins “isn't really trans” (despite identifying as he/him, where he was AFAB). I don't know if that's relevant. I mean, sure, he didn't know it from the age of three, and as far as I'm aware it's something that happened during the pandemic (this is my first time seeing extended family in a couple years because of my family's travels) but that doesn't mean we can't respect it and treat it as reality. If it turns out that it's just a phase then that's cool too, we can support him regardless, call him by his assigned name and use his former pronouns. But until then it's our responsibility, our duty, to respect his gender identity, even if he changes it again later.

On a less serious note, I have started keeping my phone on a lanyard around my neck. It's strange in a way, and not strange in other ways. I feel like if people see it then it makes me look like the absolute dork that I am, but that's alright, long live the freaks :D It's good to always know where it is, and the way my case works it makes it less of a hastle to plug it in at night (because my case has a flap for the charger to keep dust out). It doesn't make it too much of a distraction, but I don't really use social media so it wasn't a distraction to begin with. It being more visible doesn't make it more distracting than it being in my pocket. It makes it annoying to show things on my phone, because I have to either take the lanyard off or take the phone off the lanyard, but that's fine, I can deal with that. I don't have any evidence for this, but I feel like it'd be harder to steal around my neck.

I'm working on a bunch of things right now, all of which I wanted to get done this vacation. I had a dice roller for D&D that I was making where you would go “$ droll 2d20+5” or something like that and it would parse the string properly and roll the dice, that was in rust (could have been in python, but I wanted to practice rust). I had a browser extension that would help with ADHD, that has not really been coming along because I don't have enough expertise in making browser extensions (or in webdev in general). Of course I've been working on my college applications too, and finishing up my online classes. I want to continue watching Markiplier's Security Breach videos too, keep up with those. And of course this blog too ;).

Welp, my 10 minute timer has ran out, beyond my knowledge. Hope this isn't too hard to read. See y'all later.