The To-do list saga, part 2

It's not really that much of a saga to be honest. I've made my decision, I'm going to be using todoist because I realized I don't actually have to sort every task into projects unless it's actually just like a side project, so that makes their paywall restriction there a lot easier. I have a project going for random ideas I have/reading list, and one for university applications, everything else goes in the main heap. Otherwise it's fast and helpful in getting motivated to do stuff.

Writing a blog post was the easiest thing to check off today, so here I am 🙃

I also discovered a Youtuber today, dream. That's been the opposite of me getting stuff done! In a way I know I can be productive and be unhappy in the short term but satisfied by the time the day's up, or I can fuck off and watch YouTube all day, have the hit of dopamine while I'm screwing around, and be embarrassed and angry with myself by the day's up. I wonder if people who don't have ADHD have similar struggles.

I've also realized that I hate looking at notifications on my phone, and so my new strategy with that is to always be at 0 notifications. Whenever one comes in I'll try to deal with it immediately. I'll see how it goes.

I'm also sort of reaching a new paradigm on how I'm going to work. When I'm on my own computer, it's really nice using these neat text editors and saving everything locally, never losing any files. But as soon as you're in a situation where you're caught without your own computer, your needs change. So, I'm going to generally opt for a more cloud-based workflow which I can access all my files from anywhere (assuming I can use my phone for 2fa).

Back to work,

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