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Weird! I just had an odd write.as bug, where I couldn't access the site on my school computer. Firefox and Chrome both decided to not load for a reason I don't remember. Pinging worked, though, so did loading write.as on my phone. I hopped on a VPN and it worked fine.

Ah well. I'm here now I suppose. I don't understand how computers work but as long as I can troubleshoot problems I'm fine.

That being said, I've put a lot of thought into trying to learn Javascript properly. It's annoying visiting a website and looking at the source code, knowing exactly how the html and css works, and having no clue how the Javascript works. Yes, I know, it's a terrible language (for reasons I don't understand), but it would be worthwhile I'd imagine.

For the complete opposite reason I also want to learn Racket. It's a great language from what I can tell, a very mature dialect of Scheme with a lot of libraries built in. Yet, if I learn it, it would be for making things, not understanding them, because I can't think of a single thing that's actually written in Racket (besides their IDE, which I'm not even certain about). It would be entirely for the sake of learning it and being able to express myself better on a computer.

How are you? I always talk about my feelings and expect you to listen. How's it going with you?

Capacitors are assholes. I can't figure them out, and my Physics teacher (however great of a teacher he is) decided that he would make it a new-semester goal to assign more homework. I mean, sure, now I have to actually do stuff for the class, but (wow I'm lazy) I have to change my schedule a bit to work around actually having a workload.

Have you read Marx's Capital yet? If not, welcome to the club. I want to though, and if you also want to, I recently discovered that someone bought the domain https://marx.capital/ and had it redirect to the marxist internet archive edition of it, where one can download it in a variety of formats or read it online. Capitalists can claim a lot about their democracy, but honestly free access to information in relation to true democracy is better than whatever representative democracy *cough* oligarchy *cough* can spew.

Wow I'm a propaganda engine. Look at me, I'm destroying America. Don't take anything I post here sincerely. All opinions are those of my employer.

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