Ya know what? I'll write a blog post. Even if it's rubbish, I just need to push something. I've been super busy, and I think unless something radically changes I might be a little bit behind pace for my 100 days to offload.

In theory, college admissions are done. I have paid my deposit to the University of New Hampshire. Go Wildcats! (I guess.) Honestly, I'm not too enthralled with it, but due to several UNH-only scholarships that I got from my robotics team, picking UNH was the only financially sane decision. So that's that.

My AP test is in less than a week (as of a couple hours ago). I should be studying for it, but nah I'm good. Honestly with all of my practice tests I've taken so far I've been at a 50% or greater, which is all I need to get a 5.

ADHD meds suck. I have been focusing pretty well, then I decided to get on meds. I feel nauseous when I take them sometimes because I sometimes forget to eat a proper breakfast so they go down on a bare stomach.

There. Have a post.